Who We Are

The Naval Armada Corps will strive to become a verse-wide, responsive combat superpower.

TNAC's Vision: To become the premier self-sustaining force, capable of dominating any adversary, anywhere, anytime.


Department Overview:

  • Commerce & Industry  provides the ships, and the capital. The early cargo mechanics in game provide our main source of revenue for the organization. Mining, both on the surface of moons and in asteroid fields provide a secondary source of revenue. Whatever the fleet needs, C&I work to finance it!

Naval Forces

  • The Naval Strike Fleet is the primarily the assault fleet. Taking the fight to the enemy, whether that is the Vanduul, Pirates, or enemy organizations. The Capital Fleet can strike wherever, whenever.

Expeditionary Marine Forces

  • These are our marines who excel in ship to ship, and ship to ground operations. Such as: ground operations, medical, black ops, search and rescue, and enemy ship takeover.

Commerce & Industry

Operations & Logistics

  • The goal of Operations and Logistics, is to maintain facilities and provide supplies. Secondary responsibilities include personnel management, research, material sourcing and asset management.